Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an MVP?
MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is a barebones prototype, even missing some necessary usage features, making it less than a “beta launch” product. It’s purpose is for early and affordable testing of an idea. At BetaBulls, we take your idea, no matter how grandiose or petite and chisel it into an ideal MVP for you to release to the world and begin testing/tweaking. Building a MVP to test before building a full product will save you money. Feedback at this early stage will always result in changing the direction of the product. This is based on the principles written in “The Lean Startup”. See the Wikipedia article on “Minimum viable Product” here:

What is The Lean Startup , and The Lean Methodology?
What started off as a book by Eric Ries has grown into a startup movement. With self organizing meetups in 94 Cities & 17 Countries. It’s become a standard for startups to get their products online first as bare-bones prototypes and immediately begin testing them. It’s now part of the Harvard Business School curriculum along with many other colleges and universities. It's what helps enable BetaBulls' low price on delivering MVPs. See and the Wikipedia article on The Lean Methodology. The book is included in either of our packages.

Why don’t I just hire a freelancer?
Freelancers will build exactly what you tell them to and you must tell it to them in an exact way. If you do not have your idea completely documented, much time will be spent communicating the idea to the freelancer along with communicating changes/tweaks as the product is being built. As seen in the Forbes article linked in the first FAQ, on average BetaBulls is less than half the cost of using a freelancer or another company (See FAQ 2 for why this is). Pricing structures with freelancers on larger projects like building a MVP are usually hourly or flexible and so your time communicating the idea and changes costs you money whereas with BetaBulls, our pricing it a flat, stable rate. We specialize in getting your MVP online for testing/feedback and initial sales.

Even more importantly than the points above is that we are experienced mentors with many startups behind us already. We do not blindly build any product idea you tell us to. We provide you with feedback and insight into the process of making your idea into a potential success. We share wisdom and war stories from our pasts that got us to where we are today. Everything we do is in alignment with the Lean Methodology meaning even if you were handing us the cash for a full product, we wouldn’t take it. We know from experience that every product idea needs to be tested as a MVP to be given a fair chance at success. We’ll build your full product after we graduate your idea through this foundational step.

Why can't I find a developer, CTO, technical co-founder for my idea?
Developers are in high demand. Probably the single most in-demand job type around right now but they are out there. To get them to join your startup is another story. Elizabeth Yin shows with surveyed data from real developers that they are many more times likely to join a project once the idea is validated. This means making your idea attractive with traction metrics which you get from testing a MVP. Read Elizabeth's article "Why you can’t find a technical co-founder" to see why a MVP is crucial for attracting a quality developer to your team.

Do we accept projects on a equity basis?
For choice projects.

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