Despite well intentioned first time entrepreneur's thoughts, code is not lego blocks. Code is still computer science in college course titles, no one thought to change it to computational blocks yet.

Yes frameworks, the amount of people coding and superset languages have made things easier to get a prototype online, but it's still code. They are still “languages” and there are multiple languages used in getting your idea online. If you were a contractor, already experienced and building houses and someone came to you and said to you “Hey I’ve got this great property by the ocean. You build a house there for me and when it sells, I’ll give you 10%!” Sounds… bad.

And this is how it sounds when you are looking for a developer for your startup: “Hey I’ve got this great app idea. You code it for me and I’ll give you 10%.” Maybe, if it ever turns into anything, but you're up against 9/10 odds for your businesses success. The point is, when you break it down to that simple form, it’s weak. It’s a bad deal on the developer’s side. Sure there are more developers now than ever but there are still not enough. This is why Mark Zuckerberg has teamed with Bill Gates and others to make, because they (Mark & Bill) don’t have enough coders for their own growing businesses (Facebook & Microsoft) in a growing industry.

There are countless IT recruitment businesses. I can’t believe so many are in business it’s boggling to me. They are aggressive. They find talent and have them in their client’s office in a week or two and these jobs pay really well. If you want to find a quality developer off the streets to sit at your house and code for you, you're facing some steep competition and money.

Back in the 90s, to have your own business was a very serious thing. The stigma back then was that you needed to go in with a hundred thousand or two and have all your ducks in a nice need row before you had any chance of maybe succeeding. Now the stigma has and is changing in our ever technologically advancing world towards anyone with an app idea feeling entitled to have that chance at becoming a iApp millionaire. Hopefully, younger developers and entrepreneurs won’t look back on this article in the near future (next 3 years maybe), when developing software for machines & devices is literally as simple/intuitive as stacking lego blocks and think that I was just a bitter old man, mouthing off in his own little blog post. I hope instead it reflects how I’m feeling in the present, just before lego block coding but facing an oncoming sea of startup ideas and the stigma that each is great and deserves a developer to code their idea.

I hope this article wasn’t too harsh. The good news we have a system in place here at BetaBulls to get your app idea online. We are lucky enough to already have a sturdy team of developers to bring your idea to life. We’re an idea factory. We make apps all day. If you're set on finding a lone developer for your startup, then please, don’t be discouraged by my writing above. They are out there and there are more and more everyday, but if you look and look and look and simply can’t find, remember that we’ll still be here waiting and ready to upstart your awesome app idea.