Hackpsu and the “Hackathon” Worth Talking About

Hackpsu is an initiative that creates and then plays host to mass “Hackathons” during which hundreds of students come together to work on innovative solutions and ideas for the future.

In recent times, Hackpsu organized yet another successful event at Penn State University. Located in the Westgate Building, this exciting occasion saw hundreds of students from full-time higher education. Lasting 24 hours, this incredible Hackathon ran between Saturday afternoon, all the way through the night and into the following evening.

Incredibly, Hackpsu provides free food and drink at every event, while many of the students who attended were even reimbursed for travel expenses and the cost of reaching the location. At the same time, this is merely a bonus for the students who sign up and another incentive to get involved in a genuinely exciting initiative.

With this in mind, you might be wondering how to get to a Hackpsu event? Don’t worry; we can talk about that later.

Hackathons and How Hackpsu Works

As mentioned above, these Hackathons are open to full-time higher education students over the age of eighteen. However, the event is also open to those who graduated within one year of the event, but valid identification must be presented as proof in this regard.

While this is certainly a collaborative effort, it must be noted that many students sign up for the Hackathon without a team. For this reason, Hackpsu also organizes team building sessions to assist in creating cohesive teams from the enthusiastic participants who enter. In this sense, while teams consisting of five members are welcome, solo participants are also encouraged to sign up.

Why Hackpsu is Great For Startups

Hackathons are very much a collaborative effort so you should understand how these events are perfect for team building and team bonding. That being said, this is also a highly skilled environment in which the brightest and most talented youth are joining forces. When you consider the above, Hackathons can be an excellent place to network for a startup, establish new ideas and enable existing concepts to evolve.

Furthermore, there are no fees involved with these events and Hackpsu not only cover travel expenses for many students but also the cost of food and drink at the event.

How Hackpsu Can Help Individuals

Similarly, Hackpsu can be a great place for entrepreneurs or tech-minded individuals to really get out there and experience the current market. Sure, this is the perfect place to learn and grow in any sense, but with team building sessions in mind, this is also a rather easy environment in which to feel comfortable .

Once allocated to a team, each participant is encouraged to interact with their team members and with several workshops which focus on the basics of entrepreneurship and how to start a business.

How to Sign Up for Hackpsu (And How to Get There)

If travel expenses and free food are not enough motivation, just know that the overall objective of Hackpsu is to create a collaborative environment where every member encounters a positive experience. In this sense, rest assured this will be a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience.