UsabilityHub is an easy to use resource to run "5-second", "Click" and "Nav" tests on any design you may be testing. The tests are taken by other real people who are likewise collecting feedback on their mockups. The free “Community Plan” lets you do unlimited public tests making it a great option for bootstrapping. Responses come in quick and you earn new responses by taking their people tests randomly. Taking other public tests is quick and simple as well. Eean “20 Karma Points” to earn a “Credit” which you may use to “add” a group of 20 more responses to any of your available tests.

The paid versions let you see reports on demographics, private tests, bonus responses. With the “Team Plan” and upward (there are 5 plans available) you are able to create a team by adding users to view/edit tests. UsabilityHub has been a great resource for BetaBulls and tests on our MVPs come included with a total of 100 test results, broken into as many different tests as you want to do.

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