We Build Apps for startups

We Love Ideas

Working with new ideas and start-ups is our passion. Not work.


We Believe in Lean

Prototype now, full product later. We work very hard to convince you on this model even if you are ready to spend money on a full product.

Idea to Product

We build an awesome, usable product around your idea.

We Support & Maintain

As your interim cto we make sure your product is up and running. You focus on demos and the path to world domination.

Obsessed with Quality

We are fanatics about frameworks and standards. Result is not just a top notch cto service but a high quality product at lower cost faster.


A true interim cto means using our business expertise to mentor you with lean advice and a helping hand.

Most Affordable

Prototype now, full product later. As a cto service provider, we work hard to convince you on this model even if you are ready to spend money on a full product.


PaintPal is helping homeowners select right color by virtually painting their walls.

We made it possible by providing an end-end solution from mechanical design to IoT to Mobile app

PCR On Board is transforming employee on-boarding experience

We are making it possible with video and awesome technologies

Vendor vid is transforming wedding vendor selection process.

Vendor selection process made very easy to the user. User can talk to the selected vendor through built in video call feature and finalize.

LPAM is an asset management and building cost estimation tool

It eases estimation and proposal generation process. It is also used for collecting bids from vendors.

Robotic Printing System for layout marking and printing.

Layout printing is carried out in a two step process, Step one is making layout boundary measurements and correction. Step two is actual layout(Floor Plan) printing.


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