Cost Effective Implementation

By effectively mining collective knowledge from our numerous on-boarding implementations, we have built a lot of reusable assets to reduce the cost and build a high quality on-boarding module for you.

On-boarding COE

We have a dedicated center of excellence on I-9, eVerify and Onboarding and subject matter expertise to build an employee on-boarding system without taking much time from your team.


We Support 1000s of e-verify and I-9s every day. We understand what it takes to upgrade to latest versions of dependecies such as I-9, eVerify etc.

24x7 worry free support

We understand that things go wrong for reasons outside of our control. With our proven oncall support process, you reach the project manager with starts the proper chain of command to resolve the issue quickly. You can sleep knowing that the process in place if things ever were to go wrong.


We integrated on-bording with multiple ATS, Payroll and other HR systems. We make sure your software works well with others.


Every Client is different and so as their requirements. We take care of customization of your on-boarding software from new forms to enhanced analytics.

Mobile Enablement

We Extend your on-boarding software on mobile devices and delight hiring managers.

Product Roadmap

We understand how to use technology to make our clients create new products, efficiencies and competitive advantage.

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