Application Support & Maintenance



We take proactive approach to manage errors before they even occur.


Beyond Offshore Price Difference

We reduce total cost of ownership by optimizing the entire process beyond offshoring.


Business Focus

We strive to understand your business so we can fine tune our service.


Project Rescue

We mastered the process of bringing project back on track if current project is wrong or current in-house or outsourced development team is off-the-rails. We can recover source code from executables.

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Industries We Serve

  • Investment Planning Web Application

    Creating a self-service web application that helps account holders visualize, research options and make changes to their investment account.

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  • Medical Enterprise Management Application

    Centralizing sales, marketing, service and practice management into a role-based enterprise management system.

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  • Social Professional Mentorship Application

    A social network for finding mentors for professional projects.

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  • Affiliate Marketing Sales Application

    Making it simple for online marketers to earn income by finding and promoting great product deals for people to discover.

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  • Log File Analytics

    Looking at log files from company servers to discover opportunities for raising revenues and reducing costs.

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