"BetaBulls did a good job focusing on delivery of the solution and working within our budget and the inevitable scope creep that occurs when hands-on experience with new things leads to new, great ideas... BetaBulls had a great attitude and energy and never stopped working for the end goal."

━Online Operations Developer, Health Savings Advisor Company

"I'm extremely impressed. I had started my own process where you can create your own website, and it's light years behind what they were able to develop. I've been very happy with BetaBulls."

━Founder, Startup Social Media

"I think the quality of the BetaBulls's work is very good. They're very responsive. We give them deadlines to complete projects, and they come in on time."

━ Integration Director, Onboarding System Startup

"Requirements were a challenge for us, but BetaBulls was very flexible in terms of absorbing the requirements on the fly and changing things that they had already done at no additional cost. They believe in building relationships – that's the feeling I got."

━Software Development Manager, Medical Practice Management Company

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