Investment Planning Web Application

Creating a self-service web application that helps account holders visualize, research options and make changes to their investment account.

Nowadays, it’s not enough just to offer a bunch of online features to customers, anticipating that they will figure everything out and know how to use them in a best way. In certain industries, such as finance, medicine and insurance, people deal with complicated terminology and situations, often having big ramifications.

The problem to be solved with this application was more than just how to make this whole process easy, safe, secure and convenient.


This project illustrates making a complicated, manual process simpler and automated by implementing an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), an interactive personal calculator and API-enabled automation. The solution is built on HTML5 and MEAN stack, included with a custom Node.js application and server-side PHP. Upon secure sign-in, a user is presented with information about their current account status. Users are provided with simple choices about one-time or automated settings they can apply to their accounts. In order to decide what is best for their personal situation, users can answer simple questions about their preferences. The results is a filtered list of actions that are optimized for individual situations based on thier selections.

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In order to provide excellent service, financial services companies often find themselves offering online tools that are supplemented with a great deal of in-person service and advice. But, this can be challenging and expensive to provide on a 24X7 basis; furthermore, research and modern design evidence says that people are willing and able to take on their own account management responsibilities personally, if they are properly enabled.


This financial services company’s goal was to empower its users with the kind of information and tools available to financial experts, but delivered in a simple, three page web application that is easily navigated by users of all skill levels. Beta Bulls helped achieve this goal economically and in-line with the company’s budget and product roadmap, taking the idea from an early prototype to Minimum Viable Product (MVP), production and on boarding of clients.

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