Why is AMP Important to Website Owners?

When it comes to recent times in the online world, increased demand for enhanced functionality and performance has posed many challenges to website owners. That is to say; end users expect a much-improved experience than before and with so many extra features to cater for this expectation, the overall performance of many websites has inevitably declined.

At the same time, this is precisely why AMP is so important and how this process is currently streamlining some of the most prominent websites in the world. From the Washington Post and Time Magazine to Gizmodo and Vogue; these major publishers clearly recognize the many practical benefits of integrating AMP.

What Is AMP and What Does it Do?

In case you might be asking yourself, AMP is a process which enables publishers, webmasters, and developers to create fast, appealing and effective websites. Although this process greatly improves the speed of a website, there is also a strong focus on appearance and functionality. In fact, AMP is designed in such a way that it enhances this appearance significantly and facilitates a far superior end-user experience.

Created by Google, AMP is an open source initiative and considered a competitor to instant articles on Facebook. While readers and regular users of the internet may not be familiar with AMP, the chances are that they use it often. On the other hand, more and more website owners are increasingly interested to know about the benefits and underlying technology which makes AMP so appealing.

Simply put, AMP takes the standard HTML code and strips it down in such a way that it can integrate seamlessly with a new JavaScript Library which was also established to improve the process of managing and loading pages. Finally,AMP features a purpose-built cache which validates pages across the internet and essentially makes sure that users are being presented with legitimate content only.

As already mentioned, the above structure provides a faster and improved internet experience which still allows the website publisher or developer to integrate monetization or other features without complications.

Here are just a few more benefits of AMP:

Benefits of AMP to Website Owners

Simplicity – AMP provides the perfect foundation for publishers, webmasters, and developers to construct straightforward websites and solutions for the end user.

Budget – AMP is more affordable than you think and doesn’t require a significant budget.

Integration - AMP merely seeks to build on top of existing features and platforms or content management systems such as Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, or HTML.

Flexibility – AMP offers a wide range of styles regarding layout and functions which can also be styled to suit any particular brand.

Functionality – AMP is extremely effective when it comes to functionality and can adapt in almost any regard, from social media sharing and forums to image and video content.

Monetization – AMP requires no trade-off regarding revenue and can implement the very same monetization methods as any other system. In most case conversion and click through rates greatly increase.

The Importance of AMP for Your Website

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why more and more publications are implementing AMP. From speed and functionality to simplicity and cost; these reasons are both practical and affordable in every way.

That being said, website owners must also realize that this process is the brainchild of Google and when it comes to search results, this search giant is likely to prioritize those who adopt it. AMP versions of content can also be created from standard content which will inevitably feature higher in mobile results now that Google has started to implement these changes in their ranking algorithm.

Either way, there are practical reasons as to how you can benefit from AMP but in terms of the end goal, this process is specifically designed to improve the end-user experience, and this is the only reason you should really need to pay more attention to AMP.

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